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Period Restoration
"Restore your antiques to their former glory"
Period Ironwork
Antique Restoration
Repairing antiques can be a tricky business, especially considering some restorations
do more harm than good, so getting a good restoration service is key.
Antique Restoration
Quality antique restoration
If you are seeking to get one of your antiques repaired to a perfect condition it is important to find a professional antique restoration service.

Often when people have tried to attempt the repair themselves, or get a sub-standard restoration it can lead to the antique getting damaged further, or can devalue the item dramatically, therefore it is always best to seek an expert's advice.

Wood Polishing and Cleaning

When it comes to creating a perfect wood finish with a real depth of colour and a wonderful shine it can often be best to consider using a professional. Their polishing will help ensure your wood is kept in the best possible condition, and will be done to the highest possible standard.

Also when it comes to cleaning your product our wood polishing teams can help with after advice to ensure that you are using the correct cleaning products, so you do not go and damage the wood in the future.

Restoration Specialists
Piano Restoration
Piano Restoration

If you are looking to get a piano repaired or restored it is important to get an experienced piano restoration specialist, who has gained experience over years, as it often requires a long time to learn and perfect the craft.

It is also important to ensure that the piano is restored sympathetically, so not to reduce the original qualities while ensuring all the history of the instrument is retained. With various issues that can occur with pianos it is important to seek an expert in the craft, so to get to the root of the problem quickly and easily.

  • When considering restoring your antiques it is important to go to a antique repair specialist.
  • If you are looking for piano restoration it is important to use a professional with years of experience, as it takes an extremely well trained ear.
  • Ensure that when you clean your antiques that you do not use cleaning products that could damage the item.
  • A professional wood polishing service really ensures you get that depth of colour from the wood, as well as a beautiful shine.
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Antique Restoration
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