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Fire Surround Maintenance
Fireplace Maintenance
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Fire Surround Repair
An introduction to fireplaces
As one of the most appealing features of a period home, the fireplace can play a vital role in establishing a room’s character. Some ­­fireplaces may have been inappropriately altered over time, causing the loss of traditional features.  For this reason you may choose to reinstate the original features with a suitable reproduction. 

When choosing the right style for your home, do plenty of research. In the late 16th century, ornamental mantels and surrounds such as Renaissance style chimney pieces became popular. The Georgians favoured simple but elegant surrounds in wood or stone, however, in the late 18th century, more decorative surrounds emerged.

The Victorians liked bold surrounds in stone , marble or painted wood with extravagant carving often shaped to accommodate cast iron arched grates, appropriate in a 19th century buildings.
Fireplace Specialists
Fireplace Maintenance
Looking after fire surrounds

Period fireplaces were often made from cast iron and when the iron has deteriorated, it is usually possible to recondition it.  One of the first things to do is to get rid of the rust followed by the use of a graphite grate polish to buff and burnish with a soft cloth or brush.

Wood surrounds also need maintaining and need buffing up regularly with an occasional polish or clean with a well diluted detergent. Household cleaners often contain acid which can damage the surface of stone and marble therefore it is advised that you use specialist supplies.

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