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Wooden Flooring
Wood Flooring
Wooden floors still have universal appeal
Wooden Floor Restoration
Invest and transform your wooden flooring
Well maintained floorboards in an English home can retain its traditional look and style while also proving a good investment. Installing a wooden floor can be more costly if cheap flooring is used, resulting in costly repairs or re-installation. It is not a good idea to install wood flooring in a room which is prone to being hot, for example a south facing conservatory. Changes in temperature will cause the wood to expand and contract.
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Wooden Floor Sanding
Victorian and Edwardian properties often have woodblock or parquet flooring which is commonly laid in a herringbone design, an excellent choice for restorations. The down side to this is the cost of labour fees which is usually more than the parquet itself. Look at varied different timbers and get expert advice and knowledge on the different timbers and their characteristics. There is a possibility the boards may need re sanding or refinishing in the future, therefore, it is important that the boards have a good depth of timber.

Make a Statement

There is a variety of paints and finishes so the look can always be changed when different colours and textures go out of fashion. A coloured finish can transform a room and bring it back to life. An advantage of wood flooring is the way the floor can be personalized to individual tastes and creative styles to make a statement.

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