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The benefits and beauty of traditional sash windows

Popular in many Georgian and Victorian period homes across Devon, the sash window is something many people associate with problems, but all it takes is a little knowledge and the occasional bit of professional assistance and you'll have windows that will last a lifetime.

Many people, when taking on a restoration project in a period home will take one look at the sash windows and want to replace them with wooden casement windows, or if conservation laws don't apply to the property, with uPVC windows throughout. The problems most people think of when imagining sash windows are a result of amateur or non-existent maintenance. Broken sashes, rattling panes, rot, and sliding mechanisms blocked shut by an inexperienced painter are all avoidable, or easily repaired by a competent joiner. Unlike modern windows with their complex design and structure, a wooden sash window can be dismantled, repaired, and rebuilt relatively quickly and easily.

This ease of repair by an experienced joiner explains why so many of these windows remain across Devon. Modern adaptations to the design such as insulating strips or replacing the panes with double glazed units can make these venerable designs comparable to modern windows in their insulating capabilities.

This feature of sash windows that makes them so much easier to maintain and repair means that it can save you thousands to have the existing sash windows restored, retaining the original character of a period property rather than having new windows built and fitted. Provided that maintenance is carried out in a timely fashion by a competent joiner, your sash windows will last a lifetime. Remember that those sash windows in your period home have lasted a century, maybe two, whereas uPVC windows have a life expectancy of 20 to 30 years.

Of course, before making a decision, you should speak to your local expert joiner, there are many working across Devon, who will be able to offer professional advice about your sash windows and how much work will be needed to restore them to their former glory. What may appear to be a complete failure of the window may be something so prosaic as an enthusiastic painter blocking the frames, something that can be remedied in five minutes with some sand paper and a little elbow grease.


























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