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Timber Staircases Devon
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Timber Staircases

One of the major challenges in restoring or renovating a period home is the staircases. Beautifully crafted though they may have been originally, all it takes is a few years without proper maintenance, maybe a fire, or just damp and you're looking at having to completely rebuild the entire timber staircase.

On top of the fact that a beautiful timber staircase built by a skilled joiner becomes a centre point for you home, often creating the first impression on people as enter your home, but it is serves as a vital function in your home and is subjected to probably more wear and tear than anything else you walk on in your home. For this reason it's important to find a joiner who can craft something that is a true blend of form and function.

Perhaps the first step in the journey to having the perfect timber staircase in your home is choosing the right materials to make it from.

Period properties across Devon are more likely than not to have oak staircases. This is especially the case with listed period homes, where conservation laws prevent replacing the original timber staircases with contemporary alternatives.

A traditional hand built solid would be a luxury in many homes, but if you're restoring a property and respecting conservation laws, then you probably have little choice but to follow the materials used by Devon craftsmen for generations. You do have a little leeway with the style however, and this will be where the difference between an experienced joiner hand crafting your new staircase and simply buying something off the shelf. A skilled joiner will make the most of the space and create something truly stunning.

If you're not bound by conservation laws and you decide to opt for something other than oak, there are a wide range of contemporary staircase designs that might suit. Combining hardwood or engineered wood with alternative materials such as steel or toughened glass to produce a beautifully modern staircase which stands out in any situation.

There are options if you wanted something traditional in style but without the price tag of solid oak. Alternative woods, especially pine, hemlock, sapele, or walnut are all popular for making stairs.


























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