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A staircase within a period property can be a very important part of what makes a historic building unique and truly special. But what should be done when a historic staircase or a staircase within a period home starts to pose a risk to those who use it or deteriorates in quality? How can homeowners keep their beautiful wooden staircase without causing harm to those aspects of it which merit conservation and restoration?

Here we discuss some of the issues that arise through the continual use of a staircase within a building over a substantial period of time and the approach that should be used in identifying the most appropriate course of action when a period staircase needs restoring, repairing and replacing.

Given its function, a staircase often forms a vital element in the plan form of a structure such as a home or historic place of interest. And while plans for homes have evolved over time, the design and positioning of wooden staircases has evolved accordingly.

Taking this into consideration, the form and location of a staircase within a period property or historic building can provide essential information in providing a realistic date of the buildings' age.

While some design choices can be associated with certain points in history, some staircases within historic properties can also be indicative to particular social statuses, helping us to understand the ways in which the building was used or occupied. Furthermore, the methods by which a staircase is constructed may also demonstrate methods of craftsmanship and joinery of bygone years.

Too often, when it comes to the repair or alteration of a staircase within a period property, evidence is unearthed which helps us to learn more about the concealed historic fabrics used many years ago. Such findings means we are able to learn more about the ways in which wooden staircases were constructed and installed within a property, one which is still as beautiful and alluring as when it was first created.

In staircases where it is not bounded on both side by a wall, there is a clear need to provide some form of a safety barrier. Balustrades not only ensure that the staircases become stable and secure but because of its locality, they also help to provide the WOW factor within your home.

In many period homes the staircase's aesthetic value holds great significance and really gives homeowners to chance to impress friends, family and loved ones as their own inspiration, personality and tastes have the opportunity to shine through in their most cherished home.


























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