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Period Restoration
"Ornamental and architectural ironwork"
Period Ironwork
Ironwork For Period Homes
Period style ironmongery which has been crafted using traditional materials and techniques
can enhance the look of your home giving it a truly authentic appearance.
Decorative Iron Work
Bespoke ironwork for your home
Although bespoke designs are more expensive, you will get a high quality item that will last you a lifetime. The two types of iron work are wrought iron and cast iron.

Wrought iron is the older of the two and was used by blacksmiths to make nails, bolts hinges, handles and latches, perfect for pre-Georgian properties.

As a traditional metal, Iron dates back as far as 4000BC and was widely used for many centuries.  Irons decorative properties were widely used from around the sixteenth century onwards. Iron’s uses in period homes, whether in wrought or cast form have varied and changed over the years. Many accessories were traditionally made in Wrought Iron. 

Latches, hinges and door handles would have been originally made by the local blacksmith.

Experienced Craftsmen
Wrought Iron Gates
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This meant that styles and designs would slightly differ according to the individual metal craftsman and the regional traditions in which the blacksmith worked in. This bespoke iron metalwork gives a unique finish to period pieces and a rustic charm adding a touch of style and character to any home.

To create a coherent look, you can now purchase a wide range of items made in this period style. Ironwork can last for a lifetime and although rusted effects can add to the charm, you can preserve the finish with a periodic gentle rub with wire wool.

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Period Iron Work
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