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If a roof is not properly maintained, tiles can become damaged or go missing, resulting in water leaks and damage to the ceilings and timbers. The problem will develop into rot and decay if not resolved. More problems could develop if the wind gets under any loose roof covering resulting in expensive repairs. To prevent these problems an old roof needs to be frequently checked and maintained with any necessary repairs completed as soon as possible. 

Problems can also be identified from loft and attics and sometimes form ground level.  A roof may need fixing if slate or mortar is found on the ground or in gutters.  Using binoculars check the roof for early signs of a problem, ideally twice a year.

It is always best to get a skilled, professional roofer who knows a lot about old buildings with the right equipment. 

A structural engineer or surveyor may be needed to access structural problems while a roofer will be needed for the small repairs. 

Appropriate and traditional techniques should be used with all roofing repairs. Lime mortar instead of cement should be used when mortar fillets are replaced.

If your period home needs a new roof or a large amount of tiles replacing, a good option is to choose handmade tiles as they will weather and eventually look the same as the original period tiles. This is because they are made using the same materials and methods as the originals.
"It is always best to employ a skilled, professional roofer who knows
a lot about old buildings with the right equipment."
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