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"Expertly restoring your hardwood doors"
Hardwood Door Restoration
Period Doors
For period properties keeping your house doors looking the part is vital, while still ensuring
that the door is helping to maintain the security for your home. When it comes to period door restoration
it often needs a professional touch to keep the door's aesthetic to the same high standard.
Door Restoration
Repair the gateway to your home
By using a door restoration expert you will be able to ensure your door is repaired and then protected against further wood rot damage, woodlice damage, or weather and sun damage. Also by using an expert to fix issues you may have with the door it means you will not have to resort to disposing of the history it provides.

One of the main reasons rot can cause problems is because it is often left unseen on the underside of the door; often many wood doors in the past have had wood treatment done, but underneath the door is often poorly completed as it cannot be seen. With an expert performing your door restoration they can help fix the rot and then offer a treatment service that will see your door lasting for years to come.

Wood door restoration also can save you a lot of money as buying a wooden door, especially a door using a hardwood such as oak, can cost a substantial amount of money.

With a professional door restoration you will be not only most likely saving money, but also you will be keeping a key feature to your home, which offers a true character for you and anyone else that may come to visit. Sometimes though a wood door may be too far gone, and a professional joinery service may be perfect to replicate the door you currently have. GA Williams are professional Joiners and can help you make bespoke doors Devon.

Door Restoration Specialists
Period Doors
If you have a wooden period door that you want to give that extra depth of colour to, then getting a professionally done wood staining or lacquer can really make the difference. An expert's touch can help to ensure your wood door is protected from the elements for years to come.

Often when not completed by a professional the finish may look good, but after a short while the colour will start to fade, whereas with an expert the colour from the lacquer or staining will continue to last for a long while after. They ensure this by specialised techniques as well as only ever using quality products that are designed to last, so giving your door that lasting colour.

Period Restoration Devon
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Period Doors Devon
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