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Sash Window Restoration
'Through proper maintenance and upkeep some wooden sash windows have lasted for centuries and so it is important to give your timber sash windows the love, care and attention they deserve.'



Wooden Window Repairs Sash Restoration over replacement is always favoured when it comes to sash wooden windows.
Wooden Sash Repairs Period homes will continue to allure homeowners with the sense of class and elegance that sash windows afford.
Sash Windows Repairs Become the envy of your friends and family with sympathetic restoration of your wooden windows.
Sash Repairs Give your windows the love and TLC they deserve by working closely with a professional joiner to restore them back to their former glory.
Sash Windows Repairs Through professional repair, your sash windows will last for many more years to come, meaning you and your family can enjoy them for a lifetime.


Sash Window Restoration


The beauty of the sash windows is that they are made in such a way that they are be easily dismantled for repair or for replacing broken sash cords which can occur across time.

This fact alone means that restoring your sash wooden windows is achievable and cost effective in the long term when you work with a well-established, reputable and knowledgeable local joiner.

For many homeowners, when they encounter issues with their sash windows they think that the only option available to them is to replace the windows which is certainly not the case.

Unlike modern plastic windows which are often replaced due to it being the most cost effective method available, wooden sash windows can be brought back to light through professional repair and restoration.

Sash Window Restoration

'Wooden sash windows can be be brought back to life through professional repair and restoration.'

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