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With sash wooden windows being the most common historic window styles evident in many older style and period properties it is important to consider whether it is indeed a better option to repair or replace such windows and why this would be.

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Wooden windows form an integral part of any home and add greatly to the aesthetic appeal of many properties as well as forming one of the most significant constructional elements of a building and its style.

Wooden windows also effect the character and appearance of a building and its surroundings and therefore any alteration of a window can greatly impact the traditional and historical character of the building and surrounding properties and location.

In areas rich in architectural heritage, the repair and replacement of any window must be carefully considered in order to retain the traditional appearance in such sought after properties.

Unsympathetic alterations and replacement wooden windows may impact on the value of your property and if not carefully planned out could result in further financial spend.


The key point here is many will favour repair of a wooden window over replacement due to the cost involved in removing and replacing entire window frames and also because of the character and charm of the original windows.

Most windows can be repaired by trained and skilled joiners and it is truly the best way of conserving the fabric of an historic or period building. If of course a repair is not possible, a like for like replacement is imperative.

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